IQ testing

Mensa IQ-test

Mensa offers an authorized IQ test for persons above the age of 16.

Are you curious to know your own IQ? The test is available to everyone, so you may still take the test even if you do not have any ambitions to qualify for a Mensa membership. A test like this is likely to cost thousands of kroner if taken at a psychologist, while at Mensa it only costs 500 NOK.

Register for an IQ test

An overview of scheduled tests can be found in the test calendar.

If you score among those with the top 2% highest IQ in the population, you will also get an offer to join Mensa together with your test result.

You are welcome to try our online home test. It is similar to the controlled test described above, and may be used for practice purposes. The home test is not an authorized test, but it will provide a good indication of your IQ level.

Mensa also offers IQ testing of children above the age of 6. This test is performed in Levanger, Oslo or Trondheim, and costs 6500 NOK. Adolescents between the age of 14 and 18 may also be tested by a psychologist here, at regular hourly rate.

More information here.

Test instructions

When you participate at an IQ test with Mensa, the test instructor will normally read out the test instructions in Norwegian only. We therefore provide these instructions translated into English below.

“Welcome to this IQ-test under the supervision of Mensa Norway.
We will now start by checking your photo ID. Then it is time to turn off sound and vibration on devices with such functions, this is to minimize the likelihood of disturbances.

If you are not feeling well, be it due to sleep deprivation, illness or something else that could affect performance negatively, then you are advised to postpone the test.

We distribute two versions of the test, A and B. You can attend testing up to three times, with a 6 month quarantine time between the attempts.

  • The first time, you conduct the A-test.
  • The second time, you conduct the B-test.
  • The third time, you conduct the A-test.

After this you cannot attend any more tests at Mensa, but we can consider membership on the basis of external tests documented and signed by a registered psychologist.

A test form should be found in front of you. Write your name on the test form. The result of the IQ-test will be sent to the address you provided when signing up for the test.

Wait quietly if you finish before the time is up.

The test consists of 45 tasks which you will have 20 minutes to finish. The difficulty level of the tasks are mixed. All of the tasks are equally valued regardless of the difficulty. Errors and unanswered tasks both scores zero points.

Drawing, writing, and making notes or marks on the test sheets and the test form is prohibited. Be sure not to write at all in the test booklet.

When answering a task, mark a ring around the alternative you think is right. If you change your mind, simply make a cross over the ring and make a new ring around the new answer.”

Test booklets are then distributed, and the test instructor will go through three example tasks, before announcing that you may start the test.

You will receive the test result within a few weeks after the test, and if you qualify for Mensa the envelope will also contain a membership offer.